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Family Swimming

actif fam1We are passionate about providing an environment for families to enjoy swimming.

Parents play an active role in the pool and taking a child swimming from an early age provides an excellent opportunity for relaxation and parent child bonding.

Choice of 4 swimming pools:
• Carmarthen Leisure Centre (timetable)
• Llanelli Leisure Centre (timetable)
• Amman Valley Leisure Centre (timetable)
• Llandovery Swimming Pool (timetable)

  • Enjoyment
  • Benefits
  • Clubs
  • Classes
  • Enjoyable activity for all the family
  • Spend quality time with the kids
  • Time to bond with your children
  • Save money
  • Fun and enjoyable introduction to learning to swim
  • Open up a whole new world for your children
  • Introducing a child to water at an early stage is the first step in avoiding fear and making swimming and water play an enjoyable experience.
  • It can help save their life! Sadly, drowning is still all too common
  • It opens up a whole new world. Just imagine, your child will be able to splash around with family and friends, dream of becoming the next Olympic champion or just have a fantastic time on holiday getting in the pool or sea.

And don't worry about learning to swim being complicated. It's a natural step in a child’s development


Club activities do take place during public swimming times, therefore it is possible to combine a club activity with a family swim. Please click on your local  swimming pool timetable for further details.

Have you thought about setting up your own club?
Club Booking Form

Families can enjoy learning together in the Parent and Baby classes please contact your local leisure centre for further information

For more information on booking your pool activities please contact the reception of your Swimming Pool:

Amman Valley Leisure Centre

01269 594517

Carmarthen Leisure Centre
01267 224700

Llanelli Leisure Centre
01554 774757

Llandovery Swimming Complex
01267 224733

Swimming is FREE for children 3 and under in all our pools.

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