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Introduction to swim skills

Nofio Sir Gar skills development groups are based in Ammanford, Carmarthen and Llanelli, which deliver the swim skill steps of the Carmarthenshire pathway.

Nofio Sir Gar provides excellent coaching where you can take your swimming to the next level.

All our swimming lessons are fully inclusive.
Lessons can be adapted as necessary to help all children achieve their potential. If your child has specific needs, please discuss them with your local swim school.

Nofio Sir Gar skills development groups are based in Ammanford, Carmarthen and Llanelli. The skills development steps of the pathway are delivered by Nofio Sir Gar, which is a partnership between Carmarthenshire County Council and three swimming clubs Llanelli Swimming Club, Carmarthen & District Swimming Club and Amman Valley Swimming Club. Nofio Sir Gar provides excellent coaching where you can take your swimming to the next level.

The key objective of each club is to provide a programme structure and environment that will enable each of its swimmers to attain his or her maximum swimming potential. So why not come and join and take your swimming to the next level.

During your journey through the steps of swim skills you will be offered several options and a choice of two pathways:
Pathway 1 is for swimmers who wish to swim regularly for fitness, social interaction and part of a healthy lifestyle.
Pathway 2 is for the swimmer who has a desire to enter the competitive swimming scene.
Once you have began your journey down these pathways there is always the option to branch off into other aquatic sessions these include water polo, diving and rookie lifeguard.

Pathway 1
•    This pathway is for swimmers who wish to learn the skills involved in swimming by developing each of the four strokes as well as the core element of body control, feel for the water, and stable movement patterns.
It is offered to swimmers who have a desire to continue personal development and want
•    To swim regularly for fitness
•    Social interaction
•    Swimming as part of a healthy lifestyle.
•    A well structured programme with proper stroke technique
•    Progressive programme with recognition of achievement.

Pathway 2
 The objective of this pathway is in line with the ASA Long Term Athletic Development plan and is for competitive swimmers who wish to meet new friends and enjoy swimming as a competitive sport.
•    Building technique!
Focusing on the young swimmer - learning how to train and develop skills of the sport.  Learning basic technical/tactical skills and ancillary capacities, including the following:
•    Develop and improve Stroke technique on all four competitive strokes.
•    Learn basic stroke drill progressions of all four competitive strokes.
•    Practice IM swimming sets.
•    Learn and perfect starts, turns, and finishes on all four competitive strokes and IM turns.
•    Learn perfect relay takeovers.
•    Independently monitor training by using the pace clock.
•    Complete a well-balanced training programme that includes varied pace swims, basic swimming speed, pacing, and over distance swims.
•    Learn the rules of the sport.
•    Increase the distance covered in training sessions to improve endurance.
•    Participate in club time trials, performing a variety of strokes and distances.
•    Participate in local meets, galas at a relevant level.
•    Learn and practice basic stretching and basic body-weight exercises including core strength work.
•    Take responsibility for training equipment required at each training session
If insufficient time is devoted to training at each stage of the pathway, then it is highly unlikely the young swimmer will reach their full potential.

For more information on booking your pool activities please contact the reception of your Swimming Pool:

Amman Valley Leisure Centre

01269 594517

Carmarthen Leisure Centre
01267 224700

Llanelli Leisure Centre
01554 774757

Llandovery Swimming Complex
01267 224733

Swimming is FREE for children 3 and under in all our pools.

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