Good Luck to all Carmarthenshire Athletes who are competing in the Commonwealth Games in Australia. 


Actif Sport and Leisure will be supporting Sport Wales’ Campaign ‘We Are Red’, which will be launching on the 23rd of March 2018 to acknowledge and support the Welsh Athletes in the Commonwealth Games in Australia.  

This is an opportunity for the whole nation to unite, therefore we are asking all staff to help turn Carmarthenshire County Council Red in support of the campaign by wearing something red to work, Friday 23rd March 2018.  

In addition, Actif Sport and Leisure will be holding ‘Commonwealth in the Park’ events for children in Ammanford Park, Carmarthen Town Park and Llanelli Park. For more information on these events see below.


The Commonwealth Games will be held from 4th April – 15th April 2018, and to keep up to date on the welsh and Carmarthenshire athletes, visit Actif Carmarthenshire Facebook or Twitter Page.  


Good Luck to all Carmarthenshire Athletes. 


Commonwealth events in Ammanford



Commonwealth events in Carmarthen



Commonwealth events in Llanelli



Ben Thomas, Cross Country and Athletics

Runners up

Morgan Griffiths, Kick Boxing

Ifan Knott, Football and Cricket

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