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Specialist Exercise

Carmarthenshire County Council is committed to developing a programme of appropriate exercise opportunities for healthy ageing and wellness

Our exercise continuum is still developing across the county and we continue to work to increase exercise opportunities within leisure centres, and 'outreach' community venues also.

Our experienced and enthusiastic team of instructors deliver appropriate, safe and effective exercise to a range of clinical and specialist conditions:

  • GP Referral - Vitality Exercise Referral Scheme.
  • Cardiac Rehabilitation Phase IV (working closely with Phase 3 Cardiac Nurses).
  • Chronic Respiratory Disease (working closely with Pulmonary Rehab Programmes within hospitals).
  • Falls Prevention (working closely with Canllaw and Community Physiotherapists).
  • Exercise after Stroke (working closely with health professionals within stroke rehabilitation pathways).
  • Chair Based Exercise.
  • Water Based Exercise.

Of course not everyone needs specialist supervision for them to exercise. If you are over 60 and have good health, we offer discounted membership.

If you have any comments or questions regarding any of the above, please contact either:
Simon Davies
Vitality Exercise Referral scheme Coordinator.
Telephone: 01269 590234


Becky Townley
Health and Activity Coordinator, Older Adults.
Telephone: 01269 590234


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